How to organise a successful hen night | Kingpin


Tying the knot is a momentous occasion in a woman's life. So what better way to send your best friend and bride-to-be off into Marriageville than to go absolutely wild?

Here's where you come in. As a bridesmaid, friend and trusted advisor, your mission - should you choose to accept (to avoid a bridezilla moment, we suggest you accept it) - is to plan the perfect hen night celebration. But where to start? 

Step one: Secure a venue

No matter which exciting, challenging or slightly naughty party games you have in store for the bride, they could all crumble if you don't have the right venue. For this reason, we absolutely recommend booking your adult celebration into the nearest Kingpin Bowling centre. Need a reason? We'll give you four:

  • Fully stocked bar packed with your favourite cocktails? Check.
  • A wide range of fun activities that everyone can enjoy, including bowling, Laser Skirmish and an awesome arcade arena? Check.
  • Platters of gourmet treats to keep everyone's energy up, including mouthwatering canapes? Checkamundo!
  • Private function rooms and lounge spaces? You bet.

Step two: Invite all the right people

Whether you're bowling in Sydney, Melbourne or any other of our convenient locations, having the wrong people at the party could unleash Darth Bride, and we don't want that. Here's a tip straight from Wedding Ideas Magazine, which spoke with Tristan Tristar - a man who has organised over 35,000 wild hen dos.

He proposes dividing your guests up into multiple groups if you think people will clash. Conservative oldies and people who wouldn't enjoy running around shooting each other with lasers can have Hens Night Part One at a spa earlier the same day. When evening comes, all the friends and family members who you know will get along can come along to Kingpin for Part Two.

Step three: Set a budget, but don't pay for it all yourself

Don't let money stop you from giving your friend the time of her life. Just because you got assigned the special task of organising the event, doesn't mean you're stuck forking out the moolah to afford it. Bridal party resource site Organise a Hen states that you should set a clear budget, with all the different costs outlined. Not just venue hire, but any additional drinks, food platters, themed decorations, costumes and so on. Once this is all ready, pass a hat around the rest of the guests and ask for donations. It's for a great cause, so who could refuse?