How to make sure your office Christmas party gets talked about all year


We all know that the work Christmas party is the undisputed highlight of the work social calendar, but it's also much more than that. The event is an opportunity for coworkers to bond outside of the nine to five. It's also one of the few chances that employers get to directly build up a workplace culture. After all, the type of occasion you decide to host will say a lot about the 'personality' of your business, and you certainly don't want that to be dull.

Instead, the ideal situation is to host an office Christmas party so fantastic that your employees (and rival companies) will be talking about it all year. Here are a few work Christmas party ideas to keep in mind if you haven't already organised the event. 

Avoid the sit-down dinner

First things first, if you want your shindig to be memorable then you need to avoid hosting the same sort of event as every other company under the sun. This means saying no to the formal, sit-down dinner. It may be great to tuck into some good food, but there are more creative ways to do so. What you should really be looking for are venues that offer more than just a dining experience. Yes, the right menu is important, but to make the night something that people will talk about until next year, you need to go the extra mile. 

Add unique touches

Once you've found a venue that offers a little bit more than just a formal meal, it's time to think about how you can make it your own. We're not saying you need to invest in custom decorations or anything like that, but picking a theme is a great place to start. A theme opens the door to costumes, quirky gift bags and all sorts of other fun elements that you can incorporate to really make your party stand out from anything else your employees have attended. 

Make it fun

Finally, for all of the preparations that can go into organising an office party, the golden rule is simply to make sure that people have fun. Obviously the venue and activity you go for will play a huge part - bowling is understandably going to provide a lot more laughs than a few awkward drinks in the office.

Most of all though, you simply need to make sure that everyone shows up ready for a good time. If you do this, the memories will create themselves!