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Winter is usually a time when events are less common, social outings don't happen so often and it becomes easy to spend nights in rather than organise outings. However, it's important to remember that during the colder, darker months, team building and corporate events are as important as ever (if not more so).

It's no secret that people can feel more down during winter, which can affect their morale and productivity within the workplace. As something of a pick-me-up, organise a team building event - just make sure it's indoors in case of rain!

Bowling and Laser Skirmish

Team building events at Kingpin are a no brainer - there's everything you could ask for, and every bit of it is indoors where you won't even notice the cold outside.

Between bowling and laser skirmish, your workers and colleagues will well and truly forget about the pressures of the job as they aim for strikes, chase down points in the laser skirmish arena and chow down on some of the tastiest meals in Australia. Not to mention, each Kingpin venue hosts a fully stocked bar for a complete offering in drinks and cocktails for the finishing touch on your event. Plus, just to make it that much easier, all venues that offer team building events come with their own host to ensure the night runs smoothly and take the job out of your hands so you get to relax and enjoy it, too!

Cooking classes

Cooking classes are common throughout Australia, and they can be a great way to get your team members out of the workplace and into a fun and relaxed environment where they can learn new skills. You'll usually get to each create a dish under the careful instruction of a professional chef, then sit down at the end to enjoy the meal together.

And as this option gets you all working in kitchens and around stoves and ovens, it's sure to keep you warm even on the coldest night.

Murder mystery events

Murder mystery events are a fun way to get everyone scheming and thinking to try to figure out the ultimate whodunnit. You can purchase a pack that gives you the entire storyline, so all you need to do is assign characters, find a place to hold it, organise the food and let the fun begin.

This option does come with a little more work on your behalf, but it can make for a fantastic night of clues, deceptions and clever thinking.