Girls' Night Out


Getting the girls together should never be a tedious task and making sure we all have a little fun every now and then is sure to keep spirits high and friendships strong. Gone are the days of pre-drinking at someone’s house before heading out till 3AM at a noisy full to the brim club.

 Whilst that might have been the go to weekend plan in your teens, these days you want to head somewhere to catch up, have a laugh and most importantly spend time with your friends!

So whether or not you are planning a century reunion or just a weekend chin waggle, we’ve got some good ideas to make sure you are creating memories from every occasion.

1.Netflix Binge session

With a handful of streaming services offering a plethora of TV series, classic movies and modern classics, you can lock this one in as a night in to remember. What makes this even easier to organise is that you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas, grab some snacks and get stuck in a streaming spiral.

2.Escape an Escape Room

Prove to all of your boyfriends and husbands that the years of possibly bad decisions were always the correct decision by locking yourself and your girls in a Cryptology Escape Room and busting out in a timely manner. Don’t forget to gram that successful time to show off who is boss!

3.A walk to remember

Bush walks and coastal treks are the latest trend that will have you trending across your friends feeds. Whilst they may not be a girl’s night out, this the perfect opportunity to slip into some active wear and snap off some selfies to create some FOMO on the gram.

4.Get active on the lanes

Bowling isn’t just a dude’s sport, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and get active (because it’s also a killer weight loss activity). Kingpin have the perfect opportunity to book in a Sunday session of Unlimited Bowling followed by some Signature Cocktails to end the weekend on a high.

5.Releasing your inner Diva

We might not all be the choir girls we were in high school but we can still belt out a pop classic when surrounded by best friends. Book a Karaoke room at your local Kingpin and pick a solo or duet from the 80s, 90s & 00s whilst you enjoy a jug of sangria on a Saturday night.

Make sure to book your next Girl’s Night Out at your local Kingpin and pick from Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcades, Table Tennis, Escape Rooms, Karaoke, High Ropes Course, food and drinks.