Food and Fun at Kingpin




No matter the size or scope of a business, it's likely that a hierarchy exists. From the CEO right down to operational level employees, there are great differences between each tier.

However, on a holistic level, everyone is as vital as each other within an enterprise. In fact, you could say ever single member of the team is a VIP. And how do you treat a VIP? With the best Christmas Party they've ever been to, of course!

At Kingpin, we like to make each team member feel special, which is why we offer a range of activities and refreshment options!

Roll from activity to activity

Although our name is Kingpin, there's certainly more to our venues than just tenpin bowling. Yes, hold your Christmas Party at Kingpin and enjoy the full selection of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Perhaps start with a game of bowling to get the team in the mood, before moving into the arcade for some throwback fun. If some people prefer some high octane action, then some venues have an indoor ropes course or laser tag zone - just make sure nobody has had a drink yet!

After a few activities under their belt, your team is bound to be a little hungry and thirsty. Don't worry, we got you covered.

Order a platter (or two)

When you have a number of mouths to feed, one platter from our wide range is never enough. Here's a list of your choices:

Angus beef sliders 
Pulled pork sliders 
Southern fried chicken sliders 
Glazed chicken wings (GF) 
Gourmet cocktail pies with tomato relish 
Crumbed whiting and chips with caper lime mayo 
Crispy vegetarian spring rolls (V) served with sweet and sour dipping sauce
Potato bar to share - beer battered chips, curly fries and sweet potato wedges served with dipping sauces
Mini Magnum ice creams

End the night in 'harmony'

Now everyone has had some food and drink, it's time for the real team bonding. At selected Kingpin venues, you have the chance to release your inner Beyoncé and Jay Z in a karaoke booth. Take the opportunity to sing the night away, surrounded by co-workers who didn't know you had such a great voice!

If you would like more information about Christmas parties at Kingpin, feel free to get in touch with us today - we are here to serve!