Do and donts for planning a hens night | Kingpin



If you've been given the task of planning a hen's night for the first time, you'll quickly learn there's more to it than finding a watering hole and making sure everyone knows where to go.

No matter what you do, there are a few key do's and dont's to keep in mind when organising any hen's event!

Do make it somewhere central

This tip is often overlooked by enthusiastic bridesmaids, which can often lead to hen's nights that are inconveniently far from city centres, public transport or affordable taxi rides. Keep it easy on everyone by booking a venue somewhere where each guest can get to relatively easily.

Don't ignore the bride's wishes

No matter how badly you want to book a stripper, if the bride has expressly forbidden this saucy form of entertainment, you're best to listen to her. While it might seem like a fun idea, it can be disrespectful and will often be more awkward and embarrassing than fun and flirty (especially if the bride's mother is attending).

Do find an experience everyone can enjoy

If you don't already have a reasonable idea of who will be attending, talk to the bride to make sure you have a good idea of what to expect. From there, you can look for activities that will allow everyone to get involved. For example, a heavy exercise-based experience might be tough for some, while an expensive dinner out may not suit everyone's budget. Opt for something affordable and fun that doesn't take too much skill and is extremely social so that the gals can chat and relax.

Naturally, we think bowling at Kingpin is a perfect fit, but we'll let you be the judge!

Don't leave it until last minute

Life is busy and things get in the way, but leaving it until last minute will at best leave you stressed, and at worst leave you with an unimpressed bride and underwhelmed guests.

Instead, book your venue and activities in advance. This will give you more time to iron out the details such as transport, and organise a few fun extras such as themes, grown-up goodie bags or a surprise or two!

Do ask for help

Just because you're in charge of making it happen, doesn't mean you can't enlist a few helpers. Ask around the bridal party to see if anyone is willing to lend a hand with researching activities and venues, and if anyone can help you with making decisions and bookings. Even if your helper only acts as a sounding board for ideas, it will relieve the stress and make it a much more fun experience.