Boy's Night Out


Y.T.B. Yeh The Boys. What better way to kick off a boy’s night out than with the oath to the lads. When was the last chance you got to utter this classic saying? That bucks where you all got kicked out of the restaurant for getting a bit rowdy? Or the local footy final where you nearly froze your toes off watching that one mate who still managed to pull a first-grade spot?

We think it’s about time you got to celebrate the lads with a night to remember, that isn’t full of embarrassing moments that you can’t tell your girlfriend or even think about mentioning to your Mum. Let’s have a look at some options that won’t get you banned from International Travel or have you ending up with a tattoo in a sensitive place.

1.Spectators Sports on a Saturday

No we aren’t talking about watching your mate’s brothers second grade team play some footy with a case of tinnies, we are talking about locking in a local derby in platinum stadium seats carefully complimented with a classy dinner that can prove you and the boys have a bit of class!

2.A few games of tag with some legends

Laser Tag can sometimes be the long forgotten jewel of your youth, but these days it’s got a competitive edge that will have any group of fellas gunning for the no1 rank. We are talking call of Duty style first person shooter followed by a few Beer Towers at your local Kingpin venue. 

3.Go a few rounds of Golf

Now you may be thinking I’m nowhere near senior enough to be out on the golf course but swinging through a quick 9 holes with the lads racing between holes in some carts is more fun than you can imagine. For all of those guys who have a few uncoordinated friends, then stop by the driving range and see who can set a new range record instead.

4.Table Tennis and Joysticks

Live out your video game childhood amongst the arcades at Kingpin and then set up some 2 on 2 action on TopSpin Table Tennis at your local Kingpin. Top it off with some classic banter and you will be taking bragging rights until the next night out.

5.Bowling and Burgers

Don’t pull up a pew at the pub and get stuck sifting through a crappy pub bistro, book in a few games of Bowling at your local Kingpin and order a few burgers to the lanes to make for a Saturday night that doesn’t end up with your and the boys devouring kebabs at 2AM.

Make sure to book your next Boy’s Night Out at your local Kingpin and pick from Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcades, Table Tennis, Escape Rooms, Karaoke, High Ropes Course, food and drinks.