Beyond Friday Drinks


While it might seem obvious, the idea that an engaged workforce is a happy workforce – and a more productive one – is often overlooked. But as a recent Hays report noted, a highly engaged workforce is willing to go the extra mile and put in discretionary effort.

Research firm Temkin Group also reported that highly engaged employees are two-and-a-half times as likely to stay at work late if something needs to be done compared with disengaged employees. They’re also more than two times as likely to help someone at work even if they don’t ask for it, and more than three times as likely to do something good for the company that is not expected of them.

That’s not all. Global performance-management consulting company Gallup found that detached employees on average 6.8 more sick days a year than their happier, connected counterparts.

“An engaged workforce is typically one in which employees understand and are committed to an organisation’s values and objectives, and are passionately motivated to not only offer their very best at work but to go above and beyond to help achieve its goals,” says Nick Deligiannis Managing Director, Hays Australia & New Zealand.

“An engaged workforce doesn’t just happen. It’s a two-way process in which an organisation needs to work hard to engage its staff and, crucially, where employees themselves decide how engaged they will be in return. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both the employer and employee support each other; if one side fails to back the other, engagement levels deteriorate rapidly.”

Making it work

There may be various reasons why it might be important to boost morale and engagement with a corporate event. Perhaps your business has recently suffered a round of redundancies, or new staff members haven’t found their groove yet. The right team-building event – one that is inclusive of all skills but also challenges in a team environment – can have far-reaching positive consequences.

“The level of performance in any business is clearly linked to how well a team works together,” says Danny Bearzatto, Head of Workforce Design at infrastructure management company Ventia. “The strengths of relationships and fun that a team experience together are key. This fosters trust and respect, as well as healthy competition, which drives positive peer pressure – seeing other people you like perform helps others to lift their game. Best of all, this all happens subconsciously as it’s inbuilt human behaviour.”

A work party or Friday-night drinks are not always the most appropriate environment for a work event, and miss the boat when it comes to competition – of the healthy kind. Why not reward your team, boost team morale and celebrate a hard-working year with a Kingpin corporate event?

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