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Who doesn't have fond childhood memories of going home with a shiny certificate, trophy or medal? Back in the day, these awards were better than an Oscar, more meaningful than a Nobel Prize and worth their weight in chocolate coins for their sheer coolness alone.

However, as we grow up and move into full-time work, giving out awards tends to get put on the back burner and we kind of forget about the whole thing. But should businesses actually be thinking hard about recognising their employees at the work Christmas party?

Quick facts about saying thank you

As an employer or staff manager of some kind, it's your job to ensure that everyone in the business is happy and satisfied with their work. As they say, it costs more to hire new staff than to retain the current office.

Brace yourself, we're about to throw some potentially scary stats your way.

  1. The book "How Full is Your Bucket" states that the number one reason people leave their jobs is that they don't feel appreciated.
  2. The same source found that 65 per cent of employees weren't recognised for good work in the last 12 months.

So how can you turn this around? Give out valuable awards at your next work Christmas party! Check out these examples:

Let your employees thank each other, as this could have more impact on their performance.

Peer-to-peer award

Let your employees thank each other, as this could have more impact on their performance. A combined Globoforce/Society for Human Resource Management report stated that 41 per cent of companies who use these sorts of programs have "marked positive increases" in levels of customer satisfaction. So don't just get ol' grumpy Mr Daniels the Boss to hand out his awards, allow staff to vote on who they think did best out of themselves as well.

Old timer award

Sometimes people stay with a company for so long that they feel like a vital Jenga block at the bottom of the tower, and should they get pulled out randomly, the whole thing would collapse. If you need a great idea for your work Christmas party, we suggest taking the time to specifically thank these people. Indeed, loyalty specialist 212F says that this can even inspire others to put in the same level of commitment.

Rewarding people with Kingpin

The icing on your tasty reward cake (that's probably chocolate flavoured) is hosting the office Christmas party somewhere special, like Kingpin Bowling in Sydney, Townsville, Darwin or any of our other locations. We have everything you could dream of in a party venue: a fully licensed bar, professional chefs in the back, plus plenty of action-packed entertainment to keep everyone happy and laughing between speeches.