3 food dos and do nots for any Christmas party


Imagine that it's Christmas day, you've finished opening presents with friends and family and are just settling down for the big meal. Maybe you're doing a dinner, perhaps a lunch, but no matter when you sit down to eat, one thing that's all but guaranteed is the the sensation you'll feel afterwards. In a word, we're talking about satisfaction - that blissful feeling when you've eaten just enough that you need to undo your belt and nap for a few hours, but not so much that you feel bloated. Now that's what it's all about.

If only there was a way to distill this into your workplace's festive function. Oh wait, there is! Great food doesn't just have to come from the family kitchen, you can get it as part of a Christmas party package

Read on to discover some of the foods you simply have to have, and a few menu mistakes that you should definitely steer clear of. 

1. Strike a healthy balance

Nobody is 100 per cent sure where the term 'slider' comes from, but everybody is completely aware of how delicious and satisfying these baby burgers can be. The really great thing about them is that they provide all the satisfaction from a regular burger, but without that heavy feeling that can come after chowing down on a large combo. Too many office parties get derailed by excessive eating, and you'll need to be feeling light and lithe for whatever fun activities are coming up after dinner. Food like sliders are the perfect solution, and best of all you can mix and match between different fillings for maximum satisfaction. 

2. The right pies

We all know that Aussies love pies, but that's no excuse to be lazy when it comes to the catering. Show your employees that you appreciate them by going the extra mile and providing something a little bit more impressive than regular fare from the bakery. There are plenty of gourmet pie options on offer today, and Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with a few tasty twists on an old classic. Just make sure to save the microwave options for office lunches - there's no place for them at your end of year bash. 

3. Provide variation for all diets

One of the best things about working in an office is the different personalities and people that you get to interact on a day to day basis. Everybody's got their unique quirks, and while this is great around the water cooler, it can make catering a challenge. Most offices have vegetarians, lactose intolerant or gluten free members of staff, and if you don't provide options that they can eat, you may find that the party looses a bit of its lustre when they have to leave and get food elsewhere. Don't let this happen, and ensure you've got at least a few dishes that absolutely everybody will enjoy by going with a catered menu