Your ultimate hump day survival guide | Kingpin



We all know the feeling. You're trudging your way up the mountain of corporate monotony, thinking with every step, "can I go back to bed now?" Finally, you crest the top and find that if you squint your eyes just right you can make out the end of the week glimmering on the horizon. If only you could find the strength to reach it.

Well fret not busy worker bees, because Kingpin has the ultimate three-step solution to help you survive the mid-week slump and planning the perfect corporate event!

1. TGIF? Don't save the fun for Fridays

Shake off that old adage of saving the fun and games for the weekend, because an after-work adventure is the perfect way to lift your spirits when Saturday is still lingering off in the distance.

Not only will you escape the hum-drum of the everyday for a few precious hours, but it'll even make you more efficient at work! A 2013 report by The Australian Institute shows that taking a break for recreational activities can improve your productivity as well as your general and mental health. So come on out to Kingpin from Sunday to Wednesday for some well-deserved team building time, and your boss will thank you for it!

There's an adventure for every taste, whether you want to embark on an adrenaline-pumping laser tag crusade, sharpen your top-notch pool skills, or just relax at the stylishly lit bar.

2. Get the gang together

Head to Kingpin for after-work drinks with your friends or work colleagues and you'll have squad goals to rival Taylor Swift. Healthy competition is a great way to vent your work stress, so challenge your friend to an intense round of bowling and then stand over them and bask in the glory of your sweet victory (ahem, we mean gracefully accept your win). If heated competition is not your style, try your hand at karaoke and demonstrate to your co-workers that you are a brilliant star-in-the-making.

Plus, stay out as long as you want with unlimited games of ten pin bowling and laser tag for $30 per person from 7 p.m. until close, Sunday to Wednesday. 

3. Finish with a feed

Good food is nourishment to the soul, but after a busy day at work, who wants to go home and slave away in the kitchen? Kingpin has a range of fare on offer, including a delicious gourmet menu, plus comfort-food classics like hot dogs and burgers.

So liven up your mid-week evenings with fun and team building games at Kingpin - you'll be leaping right over hump-day and straight into the weekend.