Your Guide To Valentines Day


With February 14 fast approaching, the pressure is on to pick a dating destination. And let’s be honest, if you pick wrong, you’re in for one potentially awkward time and could miss out on that first kiss. Whether you are a Husband, Wife, Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Grandpa, Grandma, or you’ve just swiped right last week – Kingpin is here for you!

Hide your awkwardness by rolling a bowling ball down the lanes instead.

Settle last night’s argument by shooting hoops. Winner shouts the next cocktail

No need to go to a sophisticated bar when you can be your true self and wear your best Star Wars tee and ripped jeans.

It’s you versus the claw machine. Time to do whatever it takes to win that plush toy and your date's heart.

Not that kind of dancing! Show off your moves and keep that pre-party pump going with some last-minute exercise on Dance Dance Revolution.

Show no mercy. Nothing says ‘I care about you’ like repeatedly shooting your date with lasers

Show your fun side while you smash that button and try and pick up as many cherries as possible in Pac-Man

Our final hot tip: Express how you feel about your loved one and let them know in real words, not with an emoji ❤️