The 7 rules of drinking etiquette you should never forget | Kingpin



Heading to the bar, or off to Kingpin for a few drinks this weekend? Don't forget these seven golden rules of drinking etiquette when you order your first drink! 

1. Keep the rounds even

If you're ordering in rounds, try to stick to a similarly priced beverage as everyone else. Everybody drinking cocktails? Go for gold and ask for a pina colada. Everybody sticking to beers? It's best to ask for a beer or small wine to keep the prices even.

2. Put your phone away

When you're out with friends, it's the perfect time to catch up with them properly. The only time those phones should come out is when you have to Google something to resolve a bar argument over whether it was the Aussies or the Kiwis who invented the pavlova first and no the boss calling isn't an excuse, unless your at the designated corporate event.

3. Introduce new people

There are often new people in the group who may be a little shy about joining in. Make an effort to include them by making introductions and pulling them into the conversation.

4. Keep the bar area clear

Once you have your drink and you've paid, move away from the bar so that others behind you can order. There's nothing more annoying than people having a chat between you and the barman!

5. Give others a chance on the jukebox

After a few drinks, it's easy to think you should have chosen a career as a DJ when you line up an epic playlist on the jukebox. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to love your music as much as you do, so max it out at two songs in a row to give others a look in.

6. Know your limit

There's an old saying that goes something like "It only takes me one drink to get drunk, I just can never remember if it's the seventh or the eighth". Know where your limit is, and don't go over it - because you don't wanna be the crazy tipsy one at the kid's birthday party!

7. Enjoy yourself!

You're all out to have a good time, but it can bring the whole group down if you're too busy thinking about that negative feedback you got at work to crack a smile. Grab an extravagant cocktail, put your favourite track on the jukebox and get yourself involved in a game of pool with a friend. Don't let the humdrum of everyday life ruin your fun on a great night out with mates.