The 3 people you might see at your Christmas work party | Kingpin


Find your classic Santa hat, deck the halls with tinsel (or anything colourful, really) and start practising your best "Ho ho ho!", it's almost that time of year again.

With the silly season also comes the annual Xmas work function, and if you book your team into Kingpin Bowling, this year could blow last year's out of the water. But we all know how parties can bring out those never-before-seen sides of your colleagues. So who should you look out for at your next work Christmas party?

Ol' Bobby is the guy you want on your team, be it bowling or Laser Skirmish.

Bob the Boss

Let's face it, you've probably never really had a conversation with Bob. After all, he's the top dog, the head honcho, the kingpin - the boss. Despite being perpetually busy-looking in the office, when he's picked up his favourite brew from the bar and downed half of it already, he'll be everyone's best friend.

Ol' Bobby is the guy you want on your team, be it Bowling or Laser. He'll take command, ensure everyone is playing at their peak (or close enough) and masterfully organise that tactical manoeuvre on the enemy laser team. Plus, his presence makes for a great opportunity to show off skills of your own - could that promotion be just over the horizon?

Quiet Karen

At most work Xmas parties, there will be some type of Quiet Karen present. These are the people who have trouble striking up conversation with those they don't know. However, once someone like Karen gets absorbed by the party energy, you'll realise all your assumptions were way off.

Bet you didn't know that Karen is a championship player in the laser arena? As soon as she puts on her gear, she vanishes into the shadows like a ninja assassin. Just when you think you've got the drop on her, well ... you're already too late (spoiler alert: Look behind you!).

A little later in the night and you might meet Army Sergeant Karen, who doesn't just talk tactics, but scares the bejeebers out of everyone by barking orders at them. You'll never splutter 'Yes, ma'am!" so fast in your life. It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for, isn't it?

Our awesome venues are where you can drink, bowl and party with your colleagues no matter where in the company you sit.

Regretful Renee

Out of all the people at your Corporate Event, Regretful Renee is the one who will most likely be worrying about her job come Monday. Her antics are always hilarious on the night, but perhaps less so the next morning (or whenever her memory kicks back in again). She is a great example of why you should have fun at a party, but perhaps by being a little more careful with that third Long Island ice tea … or was it the fourth?

She's the 'WOO!' girl - you know the one: The person who grabbed a bowling pin half way through the night, thinking it was the microphone for Karaoke and that she was Taylor Swift. She's the life of the party, or at least she thinks she is.

Your Kingpin Christmas party

So what makes Kingpin Bowling the best place for your work Christmas party? Our awesome venues are where you can drink, bowl and party with your colleagues no matter where in the company you sit, from the CEO right through to the office junior. Also, if you need any help with anything, our friendly staff will always be there to assist you.

How does sipping a gorgeous cocktail while sampling from a fresh platter of gourmet canapes sound? Now picture doing that just after you've knocked down a strike and high fived everyone in sight. You're in for a great night!