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As an employer or HR wizard (beard optional, but encouraged), how much time do you spend thinking about employee satisfaction? Do team building activities, social gatherings and causal chit chat factor into your business plans at all?

If the answer is: a) no, b) I think I thought about it once, but forgot, or c) team building? You mean like sitting in a circle?, there's a reasonable chance you have grumpy employees wandering the halls. These meme-worthy faces might try to act tough when you're around, but studies have shown that being unhappy at work can have disastrous consequences for productivity.

A report found that lower levels of happiness in the office correlated with lower levels of performance.

Indeed, a report conducted by the University of Warwick in the UK found that lower levels of happiness in the office correlated with lower levels of performance. On the other hand, the opposite also proved true!

So before your staff's faces become akin to a certain famous internet cat, read through these points for how simple things like going for a game of Laser Skirmish or just hanging out can improve morale. 

1. Get out of the office and have fun!

There are few things more humdrum than being stuck inside an office for half your life. So it's perhaps no surprise that research shows getting staff out of the workplace and down to a cool hangout place can have a positive impact on the day-to-day. Staffing specialist OfficeTeam agrees, stating that a change of scenery can help staff reconnect with each other (a point we'll get to the benefits of in just a sec). In addition, Entrepreneur Magazine reckons that having fun together can lead to increased creativity and togetherness. 

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It turns out that the second-highest reason workers are engaged at the office is "relationship with co-workers".

2. Support office friendships

In the immortal words of ancient Greek playwright Euripides (whose statues portray him as having an excellent beard - take note, HR wizards), "One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."

This is not just a happy quote to post on your Facebook wall, but something to keep in mind for your office. Research has been done into the effects of friendships in the office, and how they can affect its operation. We recommend you book a few more team building games at Kingpin Bowling, because the results are in, and they will make you want to encourage camaraderie.

The Society for Human Resource Management surveyed a bunch of people, and it turns out that the second-highest reason workers are engaged at the office is "relationship with co-workers". This is backed by the Harvard Business Review, which stated in an article that friendships can lead to both higher job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation as a whole.

Score one for friendship! 

3. Give your staff rewards

Your staff are working hard for you, so why not reward them? OfficeTeam asked around about this as well, and found that two out of three respondents felt they worked better when their efforts were recognised.

It doesn't have to be financial, either. Instead of offering a meaningless pay cheque, gather the clan and enjoy a team end-of-year Christmas party at Kingpin, funded by the company because of how great a job the staff are doing. Here they can drink, bowl and party to their heart's content, sipping on cocktails, munching on gourmet treats and having a good time. Plus, if you offer a few trophies, certificates or other rewards while you are there, you'll solidify in their minds the fact that it's all about their work and how much you appreciate them.