Celebrate a 30th birthday party in style with these unique themes | Kingpin


Whether your friend loves to celebrate their birthday or is a big grumpy guts and tries to deny its existence, you can book yourself and all the guests you can dream of into one venue that assures a good time: Kingpin Bowling.

As far as 30th birthday party ideas go, we're a fantastic destination for all your celebratory needs. Of course, entertainment is all sorted thanks to our many different games, and you can cancel the caterer, as our bar and kitchen are locked, loaded and ready to serve.

Because the big 3-0 is a major milestone in a person's life, party supplier Beau-coup recommends celebrating it "with all the fanfare". We think these quirky party themes will certainly help - take a look.

Just make sure you don't get the adult birthday party mixed up with the (Big) kid's birthday party when you book!

30 Shades of 30

Martha Stewart Living has a plethora of great number ideas for decorations and party goods, as it states that numbers make a "natural theme" for birthday parties. This year, don't try to ignore that your mate is 30, go theme-crazy with the fact! We're talking numbered invitations, balloons shaped like numbers, and even costumes that represent 30! Make it a special occasion, not one to try and ignore.

Bowling pun party

There ain't no fun party like a bowling pun party. You and fellow guests can express your inner creativity through the magic of puns in a huge variety of ways. How about you split bowling teams into different pun names/costume combos? We're talking bowler hats, pinstripe suits, turkey outfits or Star Wars ('Empire Strikes Back' - next-level punnage). 

Prom night from hell

Writing for Red Book Magazine, Jenny Lee offered up a fantastic, cringe-worthy, but ultimately hilarious birthday party idea for adults. The 'Prom night from hell' theme involves dressing up in your genuinely worst outfit (the example given in Red Book was asking women to dress in their most horrible bridesmaid dress) and dancing to music so cheesy, it would be too much for even the most dedicated dairy connoisseur. 

Battle of the seasons

There are many seasonal costume opportunities throughout the year, but rarely a chance to see them all mingle. Organise your guests into bowling teams or Laser Skirmish squads and give them a holiday to dress up as. We're talking Christmas, Halloween or the Day of the Dead, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day - you name it, it can be dressed up as. Who wouldn't love to see the Easter Bunny gunning down Santa with lasers, anyway?