3 strategies to help you make it to the weekend | Kingpin



There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling late on a Sunday afternoon when you realise that your weekend is well and truly winding down, and now it's time to get an early night so you can be up for work in the morning. It's heartbreaking.

And despite Monday's reputation as the most horrid weekday of them all, a 2009 study actually found that it's Wednesdays we despise the most. The University of Vermont research looked at 2.4 million blogs and tweets to analyse which words we're all using on certain days of the week and what they said about our moods.

So if Wednesdays are our least favourite, which day is the best? Sunday, of course. Here are a few techniques to help you survive the Wednesdays and make it to the Sundays.

Spend the week planning weekend adventures

Just like when you get back from a holiday, the best way to beat the back-to-work blues is to start planning your next break. Will you spend the weekend camping out of the city, riding bikes around the waterfront, taking a yoga class or challenging friends at Kingpin Bowling?

Get some mates together and make a plan, then spend time sorting out the details. Not only will this process distract you, it will give you something awesome to look forward to as well.

Mid-week bowling

Turn that mid-week hump day upside down and make it something awesome at a night of bowling with your friends or co-workers.

Considering you probably don't usually go out in the middle of the week, it's a good way to make it not feel like a Wednesday at all. It'll give you something to look forward to throughout the day, and also give you a kick to help you get through Thursday. This is a good time to catch up with those mates who are always busy or even the perfect moment to suggest to your boss about that corporate team building event you so desperately need.

Plus, there's also laser tag, awesome meals and a fully stocked bar, so it makes for the perfect night out.

Shout yourself a nice lunch on Wednesdays

The humdrum of the Monday - Friday grind brings the same challenge for many of us - how are you supposed to pack five healthy, tasty and affordable lunches every single time?

Break up the week and treat yourself to one bought lunch on the worst day of all to give yourself something to look forward to, and for a break from packing your own each day. Your local cafe might not be quite as good as the meals at Kingpin, but it'll do the trick all the same.