3 first date ideas that will get you a second


We've all been in the uncomfortable position of wondering what to do on a first date. Do you play it safe with a tried and true (although perhaps a bit boring) dinner and a movie? Or perhaps you go big with something completely bonkers like skydiving? Each has its risks, and if you want a second date you'll need to strike just the right mix.

Here at Kingpin, we know a thing or two about relationships. We've hosted everything from first dates, to bachelorette parties and even wedding anniversaries. But let's not get carried away - here are three great first date ideas that will help you score a second. 

1. A themed twist

Okay, so dinner and a movie may be the most cliche date of all time, but you can get a lot of bonus points by putting a unique twist on things and really making the night your own. There are always boutique screenings of cult and classic films, so head along to one of these for something a bit different. In addition, you can theme the movie and your meal. Seeing a samurai action film? Japanese is for you. A romance from the '50s? A retro diner will do just fine.

2. Stay cool with pool

Speaking of the movies, have you ever noticed how many first dates seem to revolve around a game of pool? You all know what we're talking about. One of the couple doesn't know how to play, so the other teaches them. It's a classic scene, but how often does that play out in real life? Snag yourself a pool table at Kingpin and bring that silver screen sparkle to your first date. 

3. Bowl them over

Along with pool, ten pin bowling is a great way to really get to know somebody on a first date. It's competitive, so you'll see their real personality shine through, and you can always let them win if you think it will help your chances of getting a second date. To put it simply, at Kingpin we follow three simple rules - drink, bowl, party - if that doesn't sound like an ideal date to your partner then perhaps they're not the one for you!

You can always combine these three things together of course. Drop by Kingpin for a spot of bowling and pool, and then head home for a classic film like "The Big Lebowski".