3 absolute classic tunes you need on your Nightlife playlist


Music and emotions are intricately linked. When we're sad, slow, emotional songs help us connect to ourselves. At the same time, electronic and dance music pumps us up while we do a workout at the gym.

As such, it makes sense that on an evening out at KingPin Bowling with your friends, you turn up your Nightlife playlist and sing away to your heart's content. Depending on your tracks, it might help you bowl a strike or just have a good dance while you wait for your turn.

Get your pen and paper ready, here are three classic hits that must be on your party playlist!

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

First released in 1975, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody continues to be a favourite among those young and old. One of the reasons why this song remains so popular is its crazy composition which can't be compared to any other song in the world. From the soft opening and the middle ballad to the opera and hard rock sections - it needs to be on your Nightlife playlist.

Wow your friends by performing sections word for word and release your inner Freddie Mercury (yellow jacket optional).

Dancing Queen (Abba)

Released one year after Queen's song in 1976, Dancing Queen is one of those timeless hits that always gets a crowd moving. Commonly found on a Hen's Night playlist, there is no reason why you can't turn this song up while bowling.

It's catchy, fun and the anthem for carefree bliss - Dancing Queen is a tune where you can grab a friend and have a good dance without being judged. Remember the guys probably know the words to this song too so don't let them escape without reciting a few verses.

Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

Did you know that Sweet Caroline was released in 1969? However, by the way that everyone knows the lyrics to this song, you'd think that it had only just exited the charts!

The song builds well into the chorus and when it does, it's an opportunity to turn your volume up loud - "Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good". This song is a great way to end the night on a high, singing arm in arm with your closest friends. It probably won't even matter who wins the bowling, the music has hit the highest note!

What else will make your playlist?