Shangri-La Climb


Following the partnership between the Ardent Entertainment Division and the Go Foundation, we have chosen to sponsor four of our office athletes to take part in The Shangri-La Climb and Dine!

Four lucky participants to make the dash up 37 flights and 630 steps of Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel to raise funds for the Go Foundation’s Public School Scholarship Program.  With a cap of 200 competitors, the fastest runners are expected to make it to the top in just under four minutes.  Once on level 37, climbers will enjoy breakfast at Altitude with spectacular views of the city.

The GO Foundation exists to empower young Indigenous Australians, giving them a brighter future with access to quality education and an ecosystem of support with cultural mentoring at the centre.   

Our team, known as the Pinsetters, are training for the event which will be held on the 29th October 2017. The Pinsetters will be represented by:  Alex Deakin, GM of Marketing, Jessica D’Souza, learning and development lead, Emma Ding, Senior Commercial Analyst & Scott Lewis, Technician at Kingpin Harbourside. The team have been training hard, working out the best plan of attack at the many steps by Milsons Point and inside the support office building, level by level.

If you want to get involved and sponsor our team, you can do so by clicking here!

Check out some of the team in action training for the big event below and make sure to check back in after the event to see how what record breaking time the Pinsetters set!