Meet Phil at Norwood


Kingpin Norwood blasted open their doors in 2009, bringing Bowling, Laser & Arcades to the people of Adelaide and setting the bar for entertainment in the region. One of our


How long have you been with the Kingpin Team?

I started in 2014 as an Assistant Manager and over the past 4 years have worked my way up to be the Multi Site Manager for South Australia.

What is your favourite activity at Kingpin Norwood?

Definitely the Laser Skirmish. We say you don’t have to be good at bowling to work at Kingpin but I take that to the next level. Laser Skirmish is more my style, whether it’s evening up teams by jumping in with a corporate function, having a year long rivalry with my team after shift, or using it as an excuse to skip the gym – I always find a reason to don a vest and phaser.

What’s is the best event you have held at Kingpin Norwood?

That’s a tough one. A yearly 200 person exclusive venue function where our guests and their families have unlimited access to the whole venue for half a day; or those Christmas Corporate Events when more drinks are downed than bowling pins.

What do you love most about Mad March in Adelaide?

I think it’s amazing how they can jam so much into a month, the whole city comes alive from car racing, to live concerts, comedy shows and pop up bars appearing in the most obscure places. I also find it funny that we then go into hibernation for 11 months until next March.

What’s your favourite Cocktail on the Kingpin Menu?

They say bartenders have no taste buds right? So I’d say the Negroni as that probably has the most distinct taste. Although, I can’t go past the classic Pina Colada.

What’s your highest score on Big Buck Hunter?

I think every hospitality job I’ve worked in has had one of these so I’ve had a lot of practice. You can get a perfect streak by continuously hitting all the targets that appear, my record is 14 in a row.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Adelaide – besides going to KP Norwood of course!

I would say just going for a drive. Adelaide is such a unique place that you can drive 30 minutes in one direction and you’re at the beach, or 30 minutes in another direction and you’re in the Adelaide Hills, Barossa or McLaren Vale among so many world class vineyards.