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A new VR experience has come to Kingpin. One that’s guaranteed to excite even the most diehard Transformers fan.

You heard right! Those lovable cars that turn into robots, then back into cars, then back into robots again (well, you get the idea) have come to Kingpin in a truly huge way. 

Transformers: VR Battle Arena is what happens when the Transformers franchise partners with the latest in gaming technology. This cutting-edge interactive VR game really must be played to be believed.

What is Transformers VR: Battle Arena?

Transformers: VR Battle Arena is a multi-person, location-based VR experience created by Hasbro Inc and Minority media. The pair have collaborated to bring the Transformers franchise to life through this immersive, virtual reality game. 


The game is a PVP affair where up to four players compete for pieces of the legendary Allspark. This battle will see you and your friends (or potentially, enemies) duking it out across three unique maps.

Players get to pick from iconic characters from the series including Bumblebee, Megatron and of course, Optimus Prime. Seriously, what fan hasn’t dreamed of stepping into the big metal shoes of one of the series’ most iconic robots?

Where Can I Play?

By this point you are probably wondering where you can get your hands on this experience? Well, Transformers: VR Battle Arena is currently available at Kingpin Chermside and Kingpin Canberra. 

About Kingpin’s VR Experiences

Here at Kingpin we know VR is the next big thing in gaming. That’s why we have invested in some of the very best VR experiences across our locations. 

This includes the new, completely immersive, Omni VR. This VR system is equipped with omnidirectional treadmills that allow the players to walk, run, and rotate in 360 degrees. This state of the art set-up gives you an experience far more epic than a home set-up.

You can view our full selection of VR experiences here.