Think You Know Laser Tag? You Haven’t Seen Anything


It’s been more than two decades since Aussies were first introduced to the wonders of Laser Tag, in all its strobe-lit, techno-pumping, smoke-machined glory. But that doesn’t mean the black-lit battles you remember from 1994 are how the sport plays today. The basics are the same – strap on a vest and blast your enemies – but there’s so much more to Kingpin’s Laser Tag. Welcome to the future ...

We take Laser Tag seriously

That’s not to say it isn’t fun, but this is a sporting competition where every team is vying for the top spot. That means no excuses asked or given, hardcore commitment to destroying the opposition and scoring as many points as possible. If all that sounds intimidating, it’s because we’re hoping the other teams are reading. Laser Tag is actually totally newcomer-friendly, and our veterans are looking forward to training you up into future-soldier material.

Our arenas are modern and active

Deigned by an international suppliers, our Living Laser Tag arenas are more than a few walls painted black and covered in fluorescent decals. Our set-ups are designed to look like the industrial battlegrounds of the upcoming dystopia, where LED-clad snipers fight against their sworn human enemies as well as neutral warbots that can deactivate you if you’re too slow on the draw. With detailed interior design and on-theme obstacles, we get you closer to the grimdark future of urban warfare than anything that has come before.

Membership brings extra rewards

Suuuuuure, you can turn up for a one-off skirmish against some randoms and claim victory. But there’s nothing like putting yourself on the line over and over again, building up squad tactics and learning how to take advantage of these arenas with the same teammates. Plus you can come up with a cool team name like “Laserpigs Anonymous” (OK, maybe not that). More tangibly, membership means collecting achievements over the course of your soldiering career, and an online record of mission stats, global scores and other data.

We show you how to get better

Like any sport or game, Laser Tag is way more rewarding when you know you’ve triumphed over a skilled opponent. That’s why you’ll always find someone who’s willing to give you a few pointers on scoring hits, how best to take advantage of the built environment and where the best spots to sniper from are. We’re interested in building the sport and fostering the next generation of players, which means even if you’re not confident in your abilities, you’ll find help. That doesn’t mean you won’t get blasted to oblivion ... but you’ll be guaranteed to learn some tricks for next time at Kingpin