The Best Place to Watch Sports When You Don’t Like Sports

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It’s the age old question: Where’s the best place to watch sports if you actually don’t actually like sports?

We all know the feeling of being dragged along to a Grand Final we couldn't care less about. It has happened before. And let’s be honest, it will probably happen again.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a stadium, a sticky-floored pub or a mate’s place. The result is always the same: bored yawns and endless glances at the clock.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? The right location really can make a world of difference. So, here’s three tips to help you find the perfect venue to watch that game you are dreading.

1. Pick a Place With Great Food and Drinks

Not to exaggerate, but having the right grub and chilled beverages can literally make or break your game day. Afterall, who can be sad about a missed kick when you’re stuffing your face with a delicious injectable donut?
Feel like something a little bigger? How about a wagyu beef burger while you sip on an espresso martini? All these delicious creations, and more, can be found in our Kingpin menu.

2. Pick a Place with Activities

Convince your mates to watch sports in a place that has activities beside just watching the game. This way everyone is happy, and you get a much-needed break from being trapped in the wide world of sports.
With a delicious selection of cocktails, a sports bar, huge screens to watch the game, and a range of fun activities, Kingpin is the Grand Final destination that will keep the whole crew happy.

3. Pick a Central Location

The final step in finding the best place to watch sports is finding a venue that’s easy to get to. This could be because it’s local or because it’s in a central, easy to access location. This is particularly important if you plan on having a few bevvies with the boys.

With plenty of central locations in Australia and NZ, Kingpin is always a solid, and accessible, choice. Click here to find your closest Kingpin.