Plush Life: Secret Life Of Toys Revealed


Kingpin is temporarily closed, but what happens within is about to be exposed.

While our guests are away, the plush toys will come out to play.

When they continue to live their best life without us things are guaranteed to get a little suss. Our CCTV will be watching their every move... 


DAY 1 

This is what happens when you play hide and seek with Shy Guy.


DAY 4 

"Thank god I wore underwear today" - Shy Guy


DAY 7 

"All I wanted was a nice day out" - Ms. Pac-Man



Spot the one with the flush


DAY 11

Are his feet even touching?


DAY 13

"Who are we even playing against" - Shy Guy


DAY 14

"Keep calm and watch cat videos" - Red


DAY 17

No pants required.


Day 20

"I really need to get back to the gym" - Shy Guy


Day 25

"Keep telling yourself that, Cookie Monster" - Elmo