New Year New Bowlers | Kingpin


Out with the old, in with the new! It's finally January, which means we've officially said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 with open arms. As is the tradition when the clock strikes 12 on December 31, many of us will have set certain goals we will want to achieve during the months ahead. Enter an age-old tradition: the New Year's resolution.

New year, new me

From not getting too wild at the office Christmas Party to more bizarre objectives such as randomly sewing a single sequin onto every item of clothing you own, as one Twitter user resolved on Mashable, New Year's resolutions are a chance for people to decide to better themselves in some way. Indeed, according to Statistic Brain, losing weight and keeping fit are some of the most popular goals for people come January. 

But how many of us actually stick to these goals? While most of us will rigidly adhere to our new lifestyles for at least a few weeks, as the year goes on and our lives get busier it's very easy to let our resolutions slip and succumb to temptation (just one more chocolate biscuit wouldn't hurt, right?).

Don't worry - your New Year goals don't have to be doomed from the start. As always, Kingpin has your back. 

The 2016 health kick

Anyone who's ever tried to eat healthily knows that it almost always works out better in theory. Even if you manage to do well for at-home meals and work lunches, there are always social events, like that friends kid's birthday party, where you may not necessarily have as much control over the food available. Besides, who can say no to those stupidly scrumptious mini pizzas?

It's not surprising that, as Statistic Brain shows, 92 per cent of people don't achieve their resolutions. Short of ditching your social life and living as a hermit while you farm organic, sugar-free produce, there's not much you can do if you're looking to get healthy without sacrificing fun - at least, there wasn't until now.

How can you make sure you actually achieve your New Year's resolutions?

That's easy - just grab a group of friends and get down to your nearest Kingpin! 

Yeah, we know it's not exactly orthodox but hear us out. Meeting once a week for four weeks (or more, if you get hooked) is a fantastic way to socialise as well as spend more time with your friends, another popular New Year's resolution.

The best part, however, is that you don't even have to worry about cheating on your diet. After your game of bowling, laser or arcades you can enjoy something from our menu that is a bit lighter, such as the Mexican share plate or our delicious Chicken Caesar Salad.