Laser Safety 101


Man the stations and set phasers to stun! It’s time to lock and load to battle it out in the Laser Arena at your nearest Kingpin venue. But just before we let you go ballistic on your next mission we’ve got a couple of tips and tricks to help you and your squad stay safe this National Safety Month!

Here are our top 3 tips to keep you safe and scoring high!

Having a Snug Fit

The key to your Laser success comes down to two things – your phaser and your vest. Without this equipment you would be like and artist with no brush, a chef with no knife or a driver with no car. So as soon as you step foot into our briefing room locate your vest and slip it on over your head and get it fitting nice and comfy on you, then grab the buckles either side and clip them in to the front of the vest and pull the tabs to ensure there’s no wriggle room for your enemies to sneak off a hit when your battling it out!

Don’t forget to unclip that phaser from the front of your vest!

Two Hands Make Light Work

Moving on to our next tip is the mighty tool that will help you take down your enemies and come out victorious as a laser legend- the Phaser! The phaser is a powerful tool that should only be handled with your two hands – in fact it won’t fire unless you do, so unless you want to become a sitting duck, we suggest you take matters into both hands, so you can rifle off the perfect shot every time.

Don’t forget that the phaser is also a target for your enemies so having two hands on it at all time not only keeps you safe & firing on all cylinders, but stops your enemies from having an easy target to score on.

Nobody Likes a Cheater

To round out our top 3, take our advice and make sure you don’t get caught cheating in the arena, because not only is that an instant disqualification as per the Laser Federation, but it’s not safe! That includes no running, jumping, climbing or crawling in the arena. Because, let’s be honest, how will you be able to pull off a perfectly executed shot in the arena if you are climbing all over the walls?

So take our advice and you will be taking top spot on the leader board after your next Laser session and staying safe to boot, so book yourself in for your next visit today.