Kingpin Winter Holidays


The Winter period has hit and it’s just about time to get the woollies out and rugged up. The suns down by the time you get home and it’s way too chilly to be getting outside for activities! But don’t start planning your hibernation just yet, because your local Kingpin has the perfect idea to make Winter a complete wonderland.

Whether it is kicking it with your crew across the bowling lanes or throwing down some back spin and banter on table tennis, we’ve packaged a bit of everything for you and your friends this Winter in the form of our 3 activity Holiday Pass or our tasty Luxe Holiday Pass.

If you can’t think of a trio of activities to get down with one of our passes, then maybe our ideas might spark a thought!

The Banter Bundle

If you’ve got a bunch of friends who know how to dish out a bit of banter but can’t seem to appear when they are behind the 8 ball, then we suggest grabbing a Holiday Pass. Settle for a bit of Table Tennis, to showcase who really is the Top Gun, some Laser Tag, because nothing helps deliver some timely banter than a few laser beams to the chest(or shoulder or back…) and a game of Bowling to really strike out your opponents/mates. By the time you’ve taken top spot, you will be ready to load up with a feed thanks to our hand Luxe Holiday Pass, which offers you $10 food and drink voucher!

The Kingpin Classic

Now this is for all those veteran Kingpin crew who know what they want. That’s 1 game of bowling, a couple of missions of Laser Tag and a session in the arcades to top it off. Let’s be honest it’s the go to combo that you just can’t say no to and when you are introduced to that Luxe Holiday Pass you will be chomping down on your favourite Kingpin burger in no time!

Great For Gamers

Now if you are like us and over hearing about the endless Fortnite collabs and can’t stand another edition of FIFA being announced, it’s time to get up off the home screen and lock in some arcades at your local Kingpin. That means you’ve got 3 x thirty minute sessions to smash out your favourite high scores and put the skills to the test! For all of those playing at home that could be an hour and a half of Basketball, so you better be setting some high scores.

The Luxe Holiday Pass is on offer this Winter at Kingpin venues (from $34), featuring 3 activities of your choosing (Bowling, Laser Tag, 30 Min of Arcade, TopSpin Table Tennis & High Ropes Course*) and a $10 Food Voucher to use at your choosing. Make sure you book in online for your local Kingpin so you don’t miss out!