Five tips for a winning date night


The object of your desire has said yes to a night out, so all you have to do now is decide what you’re wearing (tasteful black with one pop of colour), where you’re going (KINGPIN) and how to style your hair (quirky cool). Everything else you need to know is revealed in these hot tips.

Have more than one activity planned

Much like being a spy deep behind enemy lines, planning a successful date requires a combination of hardcore strategy and the ability to think on your feet. This means you can’t book in one thing and hope your personality will sail you through to that goodnight kiss. Keep your date busy with activities – a round of table tennis, some tasty burger action, on to the Daytona machines – and they won’t have time to be bored or wonder too much about why you did that to your hair.

Get competitive with table tennis

We say “competitive”, but you don’t want to go full ace-smashing, screaming-in-victory here. Table tennis can be a team sport between opponents, working together to keep a rally going for as long as possible. No? Okay, but just don’t gloat too much if you win. And definitely don’t smash your paddle into the ground when you lose.

Bring another couple for back-up

When you’re feeling tongue-tied or nervous, there’s no better pressure-reliever than another couple who you feel comfortable with. Just make sure neither of them is ridiculously gorgeous, a lot funnier than you, a table tennis medal-winner ... you get the picture. What you’re looking for here is back-up, not a solar eclipse of awesome.

Be chatty but not too chatty

This tip’s a bit dependant on how well you know your date. It’s all about finding the right balance between staring silently into your drink, desperately trying to think of something to say that isn’t about the weather you’ve mentioned three times already and turning it into an ASIO interrogation. Have some stories about yourself planned and a few open-ended questions to ask them. And when you’re at Kingpin, you know that if all else fails, you can always head back to the table tennis for a welcome distraction.

Know when to call it

Obviously you’re going to be having an amazing time and won’t want to leave, but as our mate from high school who never shut up about his “climax theory of parties” would say, the best move it to wrap things up while they’re still fun instead of waiting for your energy to fade away. Especially if you’ve just lost seven games of table tennis in a row.