4 Types of People You Will Always Meet in Kingpin

People At Kingpin

At Kingpin, you will meet thousands of different personalities. They are fun, amusing and extraordinary. Yet all of them seem to fall into one of these 4 categories. We’ve prepared a handy cheat sheet to help you identify these categories next time you go to Kingpin. The question is: which one are you?

The Funny Kind

You will recognise The Funny Kind by their ability to make a ton of jokes and get the whole group laughing. Usually, this personality type is surrounded by a squad who accepts them for who they are, and they are comfortable in every social situation. Appearances can be deceptive – deep down this type just wants to fit in too. There is no denying this type knows exactly how to be super-likable and be the star of the show though. The Funny Type can be any age and any gender and you will want this type in your crew tonight.

The Gamer

The one who challenges everyone to compete and beat their score. Don’t let yourself be fooled, this person knows all the tricks to defeat anyone in a competition. With this person, you will end up playing a game you didn’t sign up for and sweating it out only to get a little bit closer to his score. His motto is like the James Bond movie title 'Everything or Nothing'. Be aware of The Gamer and double your effort. He almost never loses.

The Control Freak

Don’t get us wrong, this person is super organised and keeps things in order. We love the Control Freak. They know how much money the group spent, who owes who and when exactly bowling ends and laser tag starts. This personality type usually comes prepared and knows the outcome of the evening before it’s even begun. Whether someone in the group has a few too many cocktails or loses their credit card, this type always has an emergency plan. Even though The Control Freak might appear like they aren’t having much fun, you might find they morph into The Gamer after you introduce them to arcade games.

The Carefree Spirit

You Only Live Once is their motto and they are opposite to the control freak. The Carefree Spirit lives in the present and doesn’t think about tomorrow. If this type is friends with a control freak, it can be a disaster! The Carefree Spirit will help the group make the most unforgettable memories that will get everyone laughing eventually. You just have to put up with this type until the fun starts and you have found all the things this person ends up losing - their phone is usually first to go missing!

Whether you found yourself on this list or not, there is always room to add more. Make yourself familiar with these types and be prepared to identify their personalities next time you roll in Kingpin. Warning: some characters can quickly transform into each other, so you need to spend some time ‘birdwatching’ before you are qualified to identify them.