Meet our Burger Kings


You might think that cheffing in a Kingpin centre means slapping char-grilled patties on buns then running over for a quick couple of frames on the staff discount card. Not true! Our Chefs are all about creativity and fresh produce, especially when it comes to crafting mouth-watering food for your pleasure.

That creativity was put into action at every venue across the country, with the challenge set for our chefs in house to come up with a tastebud tantalising creation that would see them going head to head in the Kingpin Burger cook off! This battle for the ages is going down in April with each venue's custom burger on offer in venue for a limited time! 

The chef who manages to sell the most burgers in their home town will be crowned King of the Kingpins and be ranked #1 amongst his chef peers across our venues. 

We lift the lid on the bespoke burgers concocted by some of our clever Kingpin chefs for your eating pleasure.

INsanity Burger

Ishaan Sharma, Kingpin Crown, VIC

Time to get crazy, and what better way to kick things off than with an INsanity Burger? Order one in your most unhinged voice, then get ready to enter the Asylum of Yum. Inspired by his mum, Ishaan has pulled together a collection of ingredients like barbecue sauce with strawberries, garlic aioli, a hash brown and beef. Mental!

Kick ’n Chicken Burger

Lance Geary, Kingpin Darwin, NT

The Kick ’n Chicken Burger not only has a name that’s stupidly fun to say, it’s also a huge appetite-crushing collection of deliciousness. Chicken, bacon, pineapple, mayo ... and a dash of South African inspo from Lance, courtesy of the burger he had on his first date with his wife.

The Monarch Burger

Steven Lindsay, Kingpin Chermside, QLD

Want a meal that’s fit for a king? That’s where the Monarch Burger comes in, heralded by fresh tomato, Texas slaw and beetroot. Yeah, that’s right – royals put beetroot on their chicken burgers. And a battered gherkin on top for a crown. BYO throne and sceptre.


BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

Kushal Dahal, Kingpin Harbourside, NSW

Kushal had us at “lime juice”. Pulled pork is amazing on its own, but when someone makes the effort to elevate the herb slaw that goes with it ... that’s when the magic happens. Try not to bite your fingers off while wolfing this down.

The Pin

Wesley Hakai, Kingpin Macarthur, NSW

Now we’re entering conceptual territory – and loving it! The Pin takes your old-fashioned ideas about a side of chips and stuffs them straight into the main act, by cutting a hole in the top of the burger. Brilliant. But don’t think you’re losing any of that burgersome goodness in the name of art – the leftover piece of bun is turned into a bonus mini slider. Like you get when you bowl two strikes in the 10th frame! Right?

KP Pulled Pork Burger

Aaron Carroll, Kingpin North Strathfield, NSW

Here’s another spin on the pulled pork burger that’ll have you up and applauding (or roughly wiping away the tears in your eyes and juice on your chin). Fried shallots! Apple slaw! Aaron says he was inspired by “the multitude of burgers I’ve cooked in my life”, which is good enough for us.

King of the Koop

Georgie McRae, Kingpin Norwood, SA

Got another royal rumble in your tummy? This time chicken has flown to the rescue, in spicy form. And her allies are southern-style fried onion, bacon, pineapple and chipotle BBQ sauce. Better grab a drink in case things get too heated.  

NQ Summer Burger

Emily Duffield, Kingpin Townsville, QLD

Despite the name, you can smash this chicken burger all year round. What kind of North Queensland yumminess are we talking here? Let’s start with the crispy chicken breast wrapped in six slices of pancetta, then consider the caramelised onion and finish with the secret sauce that’ll knock your socks off. Emily, we salute you.

Make sure you get into your nearest Kingpin this April to taste test our once in a lifetime Burgers and while you are at it, check out some of our other delicious options on our menu