How to work up an appetite for 2-for-1 Burger Mondays at Kingpin


Let's face it, you don't have to be a foodie to appreciate good grub. Everyone loves to eat! The best way to enjoy eating delicious cuisine isn't to do so just on an empty stomach, oh no. Rather, you need to earn that empty stomach and then that hot plate of food - those mouth watering burgers featured on 2-for-1 Burger Mondays at Kingpin. 

If you need help thinking of ways to earn that appetite, don't worry, we have your back, or better yet, we have your stomach.  

Fight the good fight

Gather all your best mates together, gear up with your vests and guns, and head to the battlefield - it's time for some laser tag. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline that comes from defeating the enemy who was once hot on your trail. Who has the best trick shots of the gang, and who will walk away with the most kills? One thing is for certain, once you all strut out of that arena, you'll have an appetite so big, you'll need to eat both the burgers in the 2-4-1 burger deal.

Set the record straight 

Now that you've conquered the laser tag arena, it's time to leave your mark on all the arcade games. Hop from challenge to challenge and post your initials, or a clever acronym that others will have to work hard to dethrone. As you stand over the controls of the Batman gaming console, you'll see how much effort it really takes to get that high score. Sweat will drip, eyes will go unblinked and legs will cramp, but if you remain strong, you will inevitably be rewarded greatly (with a burger).

Have a perfect game 

This is a big to-do. You have to have some serious skill and concentration to be able to bowl a perfect game. Even when your stomach starts to grumble, you have to ignore it. Dig deep. Fight through the pain. Eyes on the prize! Or whatever cliche saying you're running through your mind to help you focus on knocking down all the pins in one go. We stand by your efforts, and once you drop that last pin, we'll be there with a burger or two in celebration. 

Feeling hungry yet? Well the fun is just beginning! Come experience good times and good food with us here at Kingpin every Monday for our delicious burger special.