Delicious Daily Deals


Keeping the good vibes of the Winter break rolling, we have a whole bunch of brand new Daily Deals available at Kingpin to master any hunger or to satisfy any thirst post Bowling, Arcades, Karaoke*, Ropes** or Laser session. So book in for your next occasion and check out our deals to top off the week-day fun!

Starting the week off is our Mexican Monday, featuring our made for one (and maybe two) Beef Nachos for only $13! Our crunchy toasted corn chips, with our house made corn and black salsa, tomato salsa, guacamole, Mexican Cheese Sauce, topped off with Beef Chilli Con Carne. Now this is the answer to motivate you and your friends on a Monday to ensure you don’t dread the coming week!

Stepping into Tuesday we have not one, but two deals to get you to Hump day at Kingpin! Let’s start with our Burger Deal, offering up some of favourite beef and chicken burgers & Chips for just $13. Finish it off with $7.50 mocktails and Tuesday will be much less terrible and a whole lot more terrific.

Now we have to congratulate you on making it to Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than to grab our finger licking wings for just $13! That’s a whole plate of wings to munch on and get you back in the action. Because let’s be honest, the perfect belly filler before your next session in the arcades needs to be bite size and finger food only! (Just don’t forget the serviettes before your hands get stuck to the joystick) 

To round off the mid-week deal fest we have decided to start the weekend a day early by announcing Thursday as Weekend Eve! What better way to announce our new title than offering up our Classic Beer Tower for $35! That’s 2L of delicious, crispy, golden, refreshing… we can go on for a while with this one. So pick your favourite tap beer and grab your friends and start the weekend the Royal way at Kingpin.

Day of the week




Beef Nachos


Tuesday (From 7PM)

Cocktails and Mocktails

$10 and $7.50


Burger, Fries



Chicken Wings and chips


Thursday (From 7PM)

2lt Beer Tower



Now don’t forget to take advantage of any one of our great deals and make sure you book your Bowling, Laser, Arcades, Ropes** or Karaoke* online to ensure you and your friends lock in that next event at Kingpin.

*Karaoke only available at Kingpin North Strathfield

**Ropes only available at Kingpin Darwin