3 sweet delights that your fiancée will let you get away with


It's a right of passage for all brides-to-be to enjoy one of their last nights of freedom with their closest gal pals. Yes, the hen's night can be a crazy affair - plenty of drinking, laughing, singing and certainly lots of fun.

We reckon that Kingpin is almost the perfect place to hold a hen's night. From the hits on the Nightlife sound system to all the mojitos and sangria jugs you can handle, what happens at the hen's night stays at hen's night.

Towards the end of the night, you and the squad might be interested in some sweet treats. Don't worry, our tasty delights are definitely something you can tell your fiancée about the next morning!

Red velvet milkshakes

After a night of wines and cocktails, it's sometimes nice to slow down with a non-alcoholic option. However, this doesn't have to be boring as our red velvet milkshakes are something to behold.

The stunning strawberry milkshake is topped with cream, marshmallows and candy floss - everything sweet a girl needs before her big day. Of course, this milkshake comes with a traditional red and white straw, because why not!

Iced chocolate/coffee with whipped cream

Chocolate and whipped cream - two absolutely delicious ingredients that are essential for a hen's night. Of course, we prefer these to be inside a drink rather than anywhere else.

At Kingpin, you have the choice of Iced chocolate or coffee, depending on whether you need a caffeine hit to get you through the rest of the night or your energy levels are soaring high without the extra kick. If your rendition of Single Ladies by Beyoncé is lacking its usual punch, then it might be time to refresh with a cold drink and then get yourself back on stage - your squad needs you at 100 per cent for the encore!

Espresso Martini

Hen's nights are all about having fun and high energy and this is exactly what the espresso martini can do for your night. Combining coffee, vodka, sugar syrup and coffee liqueur, you and your girlfriends can toast the bride-to-be with a round of martinis.

While they aren't officially martinis, the way they are served and taste makes the whole night that more special. The hen might only be single for a short time longer, but this drink will certainly bring back the good vibes and fun times.

Have our best friend's wedding coming up? Plan the hen's night at Kingpin!