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100% Fresh

Want to know what's 100% FRESH in Kingpin?

You're in the right place!

Stay up to date here where we keep you in the loop with the FRESHEST games, activities, plush and prizes.

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Rick & Morty

Calling all interdimensional travelling grandpas and grandsons (and all games enthusiasts in-between). Don't loose your marbles, literally, as this new and exciting game is all about dropping marbles!

With a push-style sliding game, you must drop marbles into the game at opportune times to get more marbles cascading down and into your pocket!

Stagger the drop, balance the marble pusher and score big on this great new game. Grab your portal guns and head on down to Rick & Morty Blips and Chitz, aw geez.


Break The Plate

You know when your mum said "don't break my plates or I'll break you!"

No? Just us? Well anyways in this game we're letting you break all the plates you want! Aim balls at the interactive screen in order to break as many plate as possible. 

This game comes in single or multiplayer mode and 3 high sensitive monitors will record your plate-breaking skills in real time as you score points and prize tickets.

We just ask you keep the crashing of cutlery to the games area, our cafe team want to keep their plates!


Over The Edge

You want it, you got it! See a prize you like in our Over The Edge game machine? All you have to do is push it over the edge - literally - to get it!

Fire up your fast reflexes to stop the on screen light and then push for your prize. The game is simple, the prizes are insane, and you are ready for the challenge we can tell.

Go over-the-edge crazy for this awesome new game!


Dinosaur Strike

Take in Dinosaurs right from within our in-venue Dino Strike game! With high-end laser gun technology, the camera moves with your as you aim and shoot to save your life in this pre-historic jungle.

You have a variety of weapons, so choose between a shotgun, cross bow and machine gun like your life depends on it - because it does! It's a battle of human vs Dinosaur and it's anyone's game as to who will win. 


Quick Shot

We all know everyone claims their shot is the best. Let's put that to the test with Quick Shot! In an action-packed video shooting experience, you'll have to count on those reflexes to shoot bottles, targets and much more.

The catch? The faster and more targeted your shots, the more points you'll score! Put a value on your high-noon quick draw accuracy when you use multiplayer options or simply beat your old score for that new personal best!

It's time to warm up those trigger fingers.


Jet Pong

Imagine beer pong (and if you're under 18 imagine something else). Now imagine a jet of wind blowing your ping pong ball into the air and hovering it there. Now imagine throwing the ball into a triangle stack of 10 cups trying to get it in one! How cool is that?

This game takes beer pong to a whole new level with floating balls, digitally scored throws and you don't have to worry about Nathan's "beer pong house rules". It's super simple, get the ball into the cup and you'll be swimming in arcade tickets!



*All games are exclusive to participating venues, ask your local Kingpin what's 100% Fresh in-venue!