Altered reality

The enemies might be virtual…but the battle is real.

You’ve heard of Virtual Reality. But what about Altered Reality?

You’ll find the Laser Tag arena completely transformed when you look through the Roamer gaming screen. Precise environmental mapping, surround sound, and VoIP communication allows you to step into your favourite console games.

Find out which of your mates you can trust in combat in the multiplayer gaming, band together in the cooperative play, or go man vs machine in one of the single player options.

But be careful. Once you step into the arena, anything can happen.

It’s reality, but not as you know it.

A world first exclusive to Kingpin.

Only at Kingpin Chermside.


Each gaming experience is $12 per person.


Kingpin’s exclusive Altered Reality experience can be found at Kingpin Chermside.

Ready to step into the ring?


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